Send us a Letter or a Poem!

If you are one of the many people who are staying at home following government guidelines and you have some spare time, why not put pen to paper and write a poem or a letter to your loved one? You could also get your children involved and make it a fun activity as well. We are sure that your loved one would cherish something personal from their family during this time.

Address your envelope to:
Bryden House
FAO: ..residents name..
Marlpool Lane
DY11 5DA

Contacting Loved Ones

We fully understand and recognise that during these exceptional times it is a difficult time for loved ones not to be able to visit their relative at Bryden House. But, please be assured that our hard working, dedicated staff still continue to provide care and support to all of our residents.

In light of the visiting restriction, if you do wish to speak to your loved one at Bryden and they don't have their own mobile phone, there are a couple of ways we can assist.

Covid-19 Update (20/03/2020)

Our management team have contingencies in place to ensure that in the event of any staff member who is unable to attend work, we do have sufficient staff capacity to continue with the high level of care we always provide.

In addition, we have also stepped up our already high standard level of bio-security by regularly health screening all staff members multiple times throughout the day.

We also have a good supply of PPE equipment and personal hygiene supplies to enable us to continue with our heightened hygiene protocols.

Covid-19 Update (13/03/2020)

We are continuing to adhere to Public Health England’s advice. This has been published on our website, linked to latest news.

Some nursing homes have closed their doors to all but essential visitors. This is a decision for individual operators, however the Chief Medical Officer for the UK has stated that at the moment, this is not required, as this may have an effect on residents well being due to prolonged isolation. If the governing bodies inform Bryden House to close the door, we will close to all visitors with exception of professionals.

Corvid-19 Virus

Like many, we have been closely monitoring the news about Covid-19/ novel Coronavirus and the impact it is having on the wider world. We care deeply about the health and well being of all, including our residents, staff and visitors.

We regularly check consulting guidelines from the World Health Organisation, NHS and the Public Health England to ensure we are correctly responding to the matter.

Please see below for full details around the virus and how to reduce spreading of the virus.