Natalie Ward, Winner of Care Home Manager of the Year (West Midlands)

It goes without saying the national Covid-19 outbreak has caused great concern for the care industry and this is where the industry needs strong leadership, problem solving skills and most importantly bravery. However, it is just as important that you have compassion and an ability to create a feeling of calm, especially when there is anxiety, which is common amongst staff. We like many homes have witnessed a major reduction in staff availability and still are at a time of writing this due to self isolation and understandably fear.

Natalie has been extraordinary during this time of uncertainty and possesses all of the above qualities; she has gone above and beyond the role that has been required from her and we are extremely proud to have her as the Manager of Bryden House.

Natalie has worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our residents and her co-workers; for instance she selflessly volunteered to remain on site (if required) to conduct all duties from manager, carer, nurse, cleaner and even entertainer.

During this anxious time, Natalie has not only been a manager to her co-workers but a counsellor too, offering her ear, no matter what time, to her co-workers.

Her responsive and steadfast attitude towards Covid-19, has ensured that residents have continued to receive a high quality of care. She ensured that tests were provided to all staff and residents as soon as there was a suspected case, continued to secure PPE albeit it being in high demand, communicated with worried relatives and friends and most importantly kept the home running smoothly despite all the obstacles facing us.

Without her determination, tenacity and overall her positive approach, Bryden House could have seen devastation for our residents and staff. She is a leader of a very strong team, and we wish they could all deserve recognition for their hard work however Natalie is the king pin that keeps Bryden House together.

Despite having a family of her own, she continued to care for her Bryden family and we are so honoured to work with such a brave woman. Natalie is a fine example of what a carer should be in this industry.

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